Sunday, 22 August 2010

A Lovely Award from Helen

Helen gave me the award I have placed on my sidebar,but there are a few rules.
1.Thank the person who sent the award. Thanks Helen
2.Put the award on your blog. Done
3.List 3 things you love                       I love that  I created this blog.              I love that I can cardmake in the midst of chaos with only a little guilt.             I love my friends old and new who have supported me.
4 Post a picture you love this was a sunset on holiday in Ayr.
5. Tag 5 other people for the award.
Havnt a clue how to tag so will put them here and hope for the best
Maria( inkymits)
Helen (helens crafty pages)
Susie (susies cardmaking adventures)
Heidi (crafty Goat Girl)
Louise (home is where my craft room is)
I chose them for their support but there are so many more but could only choose 5.


  1. Hi Mary, thanks for the lovely award, I havent seen this one before. I will have to go and think of my answers, lol!

    Thanks again Heidi xx

  2. Thank you, Mary - what a lovely surprise!

    I'm off to post the details on my blog and think about my answers.

    Helen x

  3. Just read your comment about tagging on my blog - it took me ages to work it out too!

    If you want to put a tag in a post (so people can click on it as a link) you just type the word as normal and then highlight it (either using your mouse or your shift and right or left keys) and then click on the little button on the tool bar that looks like a paper clip lying on its side - it's called the 'link' button. That will bring up a box and you just type the website address into the URL box - I usually copy and paste it to save time. Click on 'OK' and it should then highlight the word in your text and people can then click through to the link. Hope that all makes sense!!

    Helen x

  4. Thank you so much for the award Mary, it's very kind of you x I'm just off to put it on my blog :)