Saturday, 6 November 2010

Cool Dude

This is a special post for Daisy. Dougal loves your blog and thought you might like to see how handsom he is, and how much you both have in common. hugs from Dougal to Daisy. x


  1. Oh sweet and you are right sooooo handsome...Gonna make sure Daisy sees this. She has been on another 'adventure' today with OTL and is worn out !! Daisy is gathering a few 'fans' and is getting well known on 'Twitter'! How that is we have no idea ...we don't go on there!!!! only Facebook .... Thanks for the link Mary ....Ken,aka OTL will be well pleased ;) xxx

  2. Hey Dougal,

    The Missus has just shown me your blog and the post. I do Love that sofa, looks to be a very comfortable place to snooze.

    What me and Holly want to know is, what was in the glass? It looks to have sent you right off!