Sunday, 21 August 2011

Missing You

It's one year ago today since we lost our Beloved  McKenzie. Just wanted to share with you how Beautiful he was and how much we Miss him. Mary x


  1. Aww! He was such a lovely boy! We never forget them!
    Dawn xx

  2. Ahh Mary - I hope your memories can give you a little comfort. I understand how sad days like today are. Jxx

  3. Ho Mary, I have had terrible problems to post a comment to you tonight, this is my fourth try, so I do hope this works. McKenzie was such a lovely looking dog, and I too feel for your sadness, we've had both dogs and cats over the years and they certainly do leave foot prints in your heart forever. Dee xxx

  4. Hi Mary .... What a super dog McKenzie must have been .... I hope that your pain eases a little as time passes and all the good memories give you some comfort .... Hugs to you and Dougal from OTL,Holly, Daisy and me xxxxxxx